• Concrete Mix Design

Durocrete has special expertise in Concrete Mix Design having conducted more than 10,000 mix design assignments ranging from M5 to M80 grade covering variety of special concretes like roller compacted concrete, high performance concrete and self compacting concrete. Durocrete also offers onsite support for implementation of mix design by way of site trials and trouble shooting

Sr. No. Particulars Range of Testing Sample size required Reference IS Code
1 Conventional Concrete mix * design M10 to M 80 1 bag cement 3 Bags of Fine aggregate 4 Bags of Coarse Aggregate IS 10262 :2009
2 Pumpable Concrete mix design * M10 to M 80
3 Self Compacting concrete M30 and above Special Literature EFNARK guidelines
4 Workability with strength for NA 1 bag cement 3 Bags of Fine IS 9103:1999
5 Mortor Mix Design for plaster NA
6 Fly Ash Bricks Mix Design M 3.5 to M35 aggregate 4 As per requirement  
7 Pavement Block Mix Design M20 to M60