• Ground Investigation and Geotechnical Analysis

Durocrete currently operates a variety of soil investigation techniques for both geotechnical and environmental projects within India. It is dedicated to satisfying the geotechnical and environmental requirements of today’s developers and strives to produce a cost effective, efficient and reliable ground investigation service.

  • Salient features
  • Team of well qualified engineers/personnel in Geotechnics.
  • Durocrete has carried out more than 400 investigations and have an unquestionable pedigree / track record.
  • Strong analytical capability including basement construction, Pile Group, Retaining Wall and Slope Stability Analysis.

Site Investigation is an essential part to the successful completion of any civil engineering or building project. Durocrete provides the full process as below:-

  • Desk Study

Desk Study reports trace the historical development of the site along with identification of potential contamination issues which may affect the development.

  • Ground Investigation

Design of investigation appropriate to the development and anticipated ground conditions to ensure best advice is given to formulate economic and safe design.

  • Contamination Assessment

Assessment of levels of contaminants in soil and water reviewed in respect of the development and associated risks.

  • Geotechnical Analysis

Where ground movement may affect a development we can undertake detailed analysis such as slope stability or heave to assist structural design.

  • Field Work

Durocrete offers a wide range of exploratory methods including rotary boreholes, window sampling, in-situ testing and trial pits.

Field work is controlled by our Geotechnical Engineers/Supervisors who continually monitor progress and ensure that sufficient and relevant data is obtained for the proposed development.

  • Analytical Capability

All necessary analysis is carried out in-house using both in-house and commercial computer programs such as Autocad and Winlog, Winfence software for Borelog and Soil Profiles.

Typical analyses cover:

  • Shallow foundation and deep foundation analyses and recommendations
  • Earth and rock slope stability analyses
  • Retaining wall evaluations
  • Reinforced slope design
  • Geo-fabric applications
  • Construction phase monitoring
  • Pavement evaluation and design
  • Independent geotechnical reviews
  • Foundation Recommendation
  • Retaining walls and slopes
  • Basement heave

Geotechnical Services –

  • Drilling and sampling
    1. Excavating Trial Pits
    2. Auger boring
    3. Rotary Drilling
    4. Core Drilling
    5. Collecting Disturbed & Undisturbed samples
  • Field Testing
    1. Standard Penetration Test
    2. Permeability Test
    3. Block Vibration Test
    4. Seismic Refraction Test
    5. Cross hole Seismic Test
    6. Electric Resistivity Test
  • Foundation recommendations
    1. Shallow Foundations
    2. Deep foundations
    3. Ground Improvement
    4. Deep Excavations
    5. Retention systems
  • Lab Tests


  • Natural moisture Content
  • Mechanical Analysis ( Sieve and Hydrometer)
  • Atterberg’s limits
  • Shrinkage Limit
  • Field Density /bulk density
  • Free Swell Index
  • Swell Pressure
  • Direct Shear Test
  • Triaxial Shear Test
  • Consolidation test
  • Proctor Compaction
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • Lab Permeability test


  • Density / Specific Gravity
  • Water Absorption
  • Unconfined Crushing strength
  • Point Load test
  • Triaxial Test
  • Modulus of Elasticity


  • pH
  • Sulphates
  • Chlorides